The Power of UGC

The power of UGC (User Generated Content). I am a big fan of UGC for 3 reasons:

1. It’s more trustworthy to have your peers say something is great rather than the business tell you that it’s great. The business isn’t going to tell you it’s crap if it wants your £.

2. It SAVES TIME. From a social media manager POV, creating content is time consuming - especially if you want to take care with it. Sure, you can re-purpose content, but when you need something fresh and now, UGC is the way to go. Just check you have permission/make it clear that people using the # know it gives you permission to repost.

3. It celebrates your clientele. A lot of people love to be reposted and rewarded for their engagement with your business, especially if you have a higher following. Community and human interaction (as much as can be possible) should be integral to your social media strategy (according to me, anyway!).

There’s even figures to back it up, thanks to Andrew Hutchinson from @socialmediatoday.

- 85% say that UGC is more trustworthy than branded content.

- 68% find UGC more appealing that branded content.

- 44% say that UGC influenced their buying decision.

- UGC had a 210% conversion rate increase.

- UGC created a 13.7% lift in average order value.

- There’s 59.25% more engagement when UGC is integrated.