Social Media Content Calendar

It's hard to know when to post. Let alone where and what! This Social Media Calendar doesn't give you the content ideas (check out my other free resources for those) but it does give you an idea of great times to be posting on what platforms.

Timing strategy: SORTED.

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What you need to remember...

Be flexible, marketing is about finding out what works. That means experimenting, and experimenting often isn’t successful. Don’t be disheartened. Even if an attempt is not successful, that’s valuable knowledge going forward.

The person behind the screen...

Hi, I’m Grace.

I’ve been a full time freelance marketer since February 2019. I’m interested in creating content that makes businesses resonate with consumers. My love of marketing comes from the combination of strategy and creativity involved in being a marketer, the psychological aspect of consumers and consumerism, and the ability to create social change through marketing campaigns, communications, and more.