How to use Twitter Creative to drive ROI

I don’t talk much about Twitter, but it does have its place. Research has been done on how to use creative to drive ROI.

The 3 elements you need are:

1. Brand visibility is the most important metric for ROI - it drives Ad Clarity, Messaging, and Relevancy metrics.

2. Content WITHOUT sound. It’s the second most important factor, and affected performance by 1.8x on average. It’s the most important factor in Ad Clarity, Messaging, and Relevancy scores.

3. Tweet Copy. Explicitly mention the brand and/or product in your Tweet. Consistent messaging between text and video for optimum results and maximize viewer results.

Thanks to Andrew Hutchinson for a fantastic infographic on @socialmediatoday and making the world of social media marketing a little less of a minefield!

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What you need to remember... Be flexible, marketing is about finding out what works. That means experimenting, and experimenting often isn’t successful. Don’t be disheartened. Even if an attempt is not successful, that’s valuable knowledge going forward.