How to Understand & Beat the Instagram Algorithm

Understanding the algorithm...

There's a lot of rumours about how to "beat" the algorithm... 🤫

It's actually not that complicated! The main thing you need to understand is this:

Instagram wants users to spend as much time on Instagram on possible. Because that means seeing more ads. Whether it's directly or indirectly, Instagram rewards users that help Instagram get that goal.

To rank users, it considers 3 things:

1. Relationship - if you interact with someone a lot, you're more likely to see that users content. That's why engagement is so important.

2. Interest - predictions about what content is valuable to who will effect what content is shown to who first. Did that make sense? E.g. if you like my posts, you'll see my posts at the top of your feed.

3. Timeliness - Believe it or not, more recent content is shown first. That's why all my strategies start by recommending posting when the majority of your followers are online.

Other factors to consider; follower count, frequency of use, and usage time.

How to beat the algorithm...

Here's how to "beat" that Instagram algorithm and get your posts seen and engaged with...

1. Post more regularly - now that Instagram isn't chronological (although is timely), it's more acceptable to post more than once a day. As long as it's quality content, a good sized break between each post, and not spamming everyone it's all good.

2. Post video - watching a video = longer time looking at a post = longer time on Instagram (if you don't know what I'm talking about look at my "Understanding the Algorithm" post).

3. Post when your audience is looking - because the algorithm favours recent posts, you need to pay attention to when your audience are online. (A note from me - don't be afraid to experiment with additional posts at different times to try and increase your audience).

Source: Hootsuite, September 2019

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