body positivity & marketing: missguided's campaigns

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

A quick google of “missguided body positivity” and a number of articles come up about Missguideds quest for body positivity in the fast fashion industry. But what really stands out, is that all these articles are not related to one campaign in particular - but, rather, a diverse array of campaigns and initiatives to boost body positivity in women.

The Make Your Mark Campaign

Missguided has led the way from December 2017 when it launched the “Make Your Mark” campaign which featured a range of models (think: plus size, cellulite, all races, and all smiling to show confidence in their own skin) and who were all photographed unairbrushed. The celebrations for Missguided follow in the footsteps of Asos who were likewise celebrated for featuring unairbrushed models (Hosie, The Independent, 2017).

Model Felicity Hayward in Missguideds Make Your Mark Campaign

The #inyourskin Campaign

More recently, Missguided launched the #inyourskin campaign which features models and everyday women which represent the uniqueness of skin. It ranges from conditions such as psoriasis to albinism to freckles.