A Beginner's Guide to Writing a Marketing Strategy for Your Small Business

What's a marketing strategy?

A marketing strategy presents all your businesses marketing goals within a comprehensive plan. It outlines your businesses aims and how marketing will help you get there.

Examples of what you may want your marketing strategy to achieve

Attract new clients/customers

Improve customer loyalty Better establish your brand

Get existing customers to buy more

How you develop a marketing strategy

Conduct market research to understand your markets size, your competitors, and an analysis of what your company’s objectives are.

Identify your target market, segment them to understand their needs, and work out how you will position your business to out do your competitors and attract your target markets.

Make the benefits of buying from you, not your competitors, clear and attractive through USPs and benefits to the customer.

Determine how, when, and where you will communicate your product/service. You need to also consider why you have chosen these methods of communication in relation to your market research and where your target market will be.

Consider the marketing mix to help determine the marketing tools you’ll use to communicate the benefits of your product/services to your target market(s).

The next stage is to develop a marketing plan, which will outline the execution of your marketing strategy with budgets, timescales, and more.

Examples of marketing strategies

Content Marketing - writing and publishing content to educate potential and existing customers. This PDF is an example of content marketing.

PR - Public relations. Working with the media to promote awareness of your product/service.

Email Marketing - collection and organization of email lists of prospective and existing customers. Good for B2B marketing.

Relationship Marketing - a focus on building relationships with existing customers because customers who love your brand will spend more.

Social Media Marketing - using social media platforms to promote brand awareness and attract potential customers, or entice existing customers.

What you need to remember...

Be flexible, marketing is about finding out what works. That means experimenting, and experimenting often isn’t successful. Don’t be disheartened. Even if an attempt is not successful, that’s valuable knowledge going forward.

Really understand your customers and don’t be afraid of being niche. Understanding what makes them tick is the best way to attract your market. If they’re your ideal target market, they will want to buy from you.

If you need help, get help. The internet provides a wealth of resources. If you’d like to work directly with me, I offer customisable marketing packages here: https://www.meaningfulmarketing.org/custommarketingpackage

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