5 common social media mistakes by small business owners

5 common social media mistakes by small business owners

💫 Not having a plan - how do you know where you want to be, and when will you give yourself a big well done for all that hard work?!

💫 Thinking it's all about the follower count. It means nothing if those people aren't interested in becoming or being loyal customers/clients of your business.

💫 Spreading yourself too thin. There's too many social media platforms for you to be on all of them and be good at all of them (unless you can afford the help!). Focus on one or two to be great at rather than be OK at all of them.

💫 Ignoring your competition. You can learn a lot just by having a look at what your competitors are doing on social media. Get some inspiration, learn what's working for them, and use it to inform your strategy (not copy!!).

💫 Regularly check your own social media. By monitoring it regularly you can keep your focus on what's working and make sure your strategy is the best it can be.

Ref: RevampCRM.com on @socialmediatoday

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