mush is an app for mum's to make local mum friends 


In 2017, I had just graduated from Lancaster University with a degree in Religious Studies. ​I finally had the confidence to pursue my business and marketing dreams, but didn't know where to start and didn't have the experience of working for a start-up. I reached out to the founders of mush, Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz with the request to intern for them and gain experience working in women led tech start up. They welcomed me with open arms, put faith in me, and their trust in me allowed my ongoing romance with all things business, digital, and marketing to blossom! 

what did I do?

I carried out marketing research in order to determine a content strategy that would appeal to the target market and generate user acquisition through social media.


My research determined the marketing strategy by analysing:

- The most engaging hashtags for the target market

- The cost-effectiveness of using influencer marketing strategies

- The type of content used, e.g. video, blog, photo

- Competitor research to determine their strategies, target market engagement, and co-branding opportunities.

Additionally, I aided with content curation and creation (through shutterstock, and sifting through endless webpages of celebrity parenting quotes!) and general website administrative duties. The most exciting part of my mush experience was creating a video to say thanks to the mush mum's marketing massive for all their efforts and dedication to the app.