marketing packages

affordable, flexible & transparent

I operate on a custom marketing package basis as I believe each client's needs are unique to them. When a potential client reaches out to me, I send them an email with more information about how we can work together. There are currently four different ways that I work with clients and their businesses. 

set marketing packages 

The first is for you to choose from a selection of set marketing packages. This allows you to have an idea of exactly how much your expenses will be and exactly what services you will be receiving. It's also great if you'd just like to get a headstart with your marketing with my one off Herdwick packages. Set marketing packages begin from a one off £50 payment and extend to my ultimate Wainwright Social Media Package at £300/weekly. 

custom marketing packages 

The second is for you to build your own custom marketing package. This allows you to set a budget in stone before any marketing planning begins, and gives me an idea of what type of marketing will best serve your needs and budget. Budgets can even begin under £50 - the power of digital marketing! This is best for you if: 

- You have a strict budget you'd like to set prior to marketing activities beginning. 

- You're unsure of how to best divide your budget among your marketing goals. 

- You know that you want to invest in marketing, and have an end goal, but have no idea where to start or how to define and plan your marketing goals. 

one-off marketing services 

The third is to purchase one-off marketing services. Currently, I offer comprehensive but informative and useful marketing plans (£90) or Instagram strategy plans (£30) for one off payments. If you're interested, get in touch via the contact form or email me and we can have a chat about what you need and what's included as standard. 

This is best for you if: 

- You'd like to trial meaningfulmarketing's services before committing to a marketing package or freelancing fandango.

- You want to learn how to implement marketing strategies & tactics yourself. 

- You're just curious!

freelance marketing 

The fourth is to hire me as an outsourced marketing freelancer for your business. This can be anything from 1 hour a week, to 1 hour a month, depending on your marketing goal and what you would like to see. 

For clients who would like to see some impact, I suggest a minimum of two - three hours a week to be divided between content, growth management, and analytics reporting.

An example of my suggested marketing services timeframe for freelance work:


Week 1 - Access your social media platforms analytics reports, research, and develop a Instagram digital marketing plan to implement over the next three weeks including an ad campaign.


Week 2 - Spend an hour creating and scheduling content (this includes captions that are formulated specifically for driving Instagram engagement), and an hour managing and measuring the content (engaging with the right community, furthering the reach, etc.)


Week 3 - As above, and develop a Instagram ad campaign as a tester to see results. I suggest a budget of around £21/7 days (£3/day) as a good starting point to experiment with.


Week 4 - An analysis of the prior week's marketing activity through a report that focuses on the results and if the marketing goals have been met, including how the ad has performed and if it was worth it. I would then include recommendations for going forward, and you can decide if you would like to continue working with me or not!


This would be a weekly cost of £60 for 2 hours a week, which works out as £240 for my services for the month. This would be in addition to the £21 for the  ad campaign.

what's next?

If you are interested in any of the above, I suggest we have a phone call or meet in person (I’m currently learning how to drive, so a little bit of a hindrance in terms of areas where’s there's no easy train or bus options!) so that we can talk through everything before committing and that helps define some marketing goals and what you would like to work towards.


I hope this is clear and if there's anything else I can expand on or develop ideas around please let me know! Get in touch here

payment process information 

In terms of payment, I accept payment for plans upfront prior to starting them. For new clients marketing services (e.g. weekly marketing activities as seen in Weeks 2 -4), I take weekly payments in arrears and do not start the following week's marketing until the previous weeks marketing has been paid for. I send invoices for all my clients via email with bank transfer details.