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Little bRogues is an independent children's shoe shop in Windermere.


Simon Dernie, who runs Little bRogues, is an ongoing client who I love every minute of working with. Little bRogues prides itself on its quality and diversity of shoes on offer, with knowledgeable staff ready to fit children's feet professionally and safely. The brief was to drive traffic to the Little bRogues shop, develop a more cohesive and corporate social media presence that was in line with the brand, and increase social media followers and engagement on Facebook and Instagram. 

what did I do?

I created a content strategy that utilises Instagram, Facebook, and the LB blog designed to achieve three marketing goals: drive footfall to the shop, increase brand awareness to the relevant target market, and develop social media's following and engagement rates. All content for social media is then designed, created, and written by me

Within the first months of marketing activity, the social media profiles and engagement rates have seen a steady increase. More analytics to come. In the meantime, have a look at Little bRogues Instagram feed below.